My Writing

Some fragments of writing previously blogged. Scroll down for verse and linked items.

Stories and other ramblings

Roome Bay – on holiday with our dogs

Danny Boy – a story written in 24 hours (or less…)

Leaving Us – the death of young Digger

The Unwanted Gift – a very short story 

Mission – flash fiction

Doors Closing

Goodnight Eileen


Puzzling it Out – a verse about…  puzzles

Goblins and Trolls – a verse about abusive feedback

Fred’s Legacy – a verse about Fred’s campervan

A Year Before Christmas – the story of Emmie the Elf.  (Links to Smashwords for free e-copy or Amazon to purchase in print)

My Call – a verse about outsmarting the bigger guy

A Study in Red – a verse about editing

Comma Chorus

Good Company

Links to my writing elsewhere

What is Commaful? (link to Barney)

Mirlings in Winter and  Day One (Commaful links: )

Together (Commaful link)

Postcard from Malta (Commaful link)

Flash Fiction Magazine story (link to Goodnight Eileen)

I have more stories and verse published in our writing group’s anthology

Where the Wild Winds Blow from the Whittlesey Wordsmiths, available from Amazon

Click here for Eva Jordan’s review of Where the Wild Wiinds Blow