Presale offer now active

The e-version of Witch Way, and other ambiguous stories, is NOW available to preorder from Smashwords in all e-formats at the reduced price of $1.99 (£1.97) until 21st June, when the price will revert to $2.99 (£2.97). Apologies to anyone who tried to order after my earlier post. I omitted to click on a concluding … Continue reading Presale offer now active

Shameless Plug for Witch Way

My first copy of Witch Way has finally arrived. I didn't order a proof copy. The one we ordered for Where the Wild Winds Blow came with a grey band printed around the cover, saying "Not for Resale", which kinda spoils the effect. For A Following Wind we ordered an author copy instead, which costs … Continue reading Shameless Plug for Witch Way