Christmas Day in the Snow

Following Santa Santa Nick was dozing under the furs as Rudolph led the sleigh home after another busy Christmas delivery. Nick was shattered, but a month’s hibernation would fix that. With young Nicky still learning the business, there were decades of festive seasons to go before the youngster took over as Santa. Santas weren’t immortal. … Continue reading Christmas Day in the Snow

Where Does Santa Spend Christmas?

More Griller and Shorty Shorty gazed into the patch of sky framed by the top of the skip. I could tell he were thinking hard, so I kept quiet. “Where does Santa spend Christmas?” Was it a trick question? Lookin’ for clues, I followed Shorty’s eyes. They were blinking as they followed a passenger drone … Continue reading Where Does Santa Spend Christmas?

Christmas Starts Here

’Twas the night before Christmas when Santa’s new elf, in the vast, silent workshop, sat all by herself. She’d been fetching and carrying, sent to and fro making tea, running errands – the least of the low.   And she’d mucked out the stables, not noticing that daft old Rudolph was munching her new elven … Continue reading Christmas Starts Here