Suburban Forest

Past ancient trees where once the King’s hunt rode, Low sunshine filters through to forest paths Here fat geese paddle still and royal swans glide, Around a lake man-made two centuries past. Through freshly fallen leaves, crisp underfoot, Scampering squirrels scatter from my dogs. Through leaves not churned yet into muddy ruts By cycles, turning … Continue reading Suburban Forest

Stand and Deliver

I tried free verse, but it rhymed anyway. So I had another go… Posting both, if I may. At the risk of boring readers, the compositions below are, essentially, the same content in different forms. I asked our writing group which they preferred before posting both versions for the 12 poems in 12 months challenge … Continue reading Stand and Deliver

My Default Mode

Time has run away with me this week – as it does – and my intended posting day passed unnoticed in a welter of painting and re-carpeting. Having nothing prepared, I'm falling back on yet another poem, originally penned for the "12 poems in 12 months" challenge from Writers Write website at . The … Continue reading My Default Mode