Pond People 10

Prizewinning Shot. Molly launched, issuing instructions as she swam. ‘Both teams to the surface. Anyone who can shoot, drench that cat!’ What was she doing: giving orders as if expecting everyone to jump? And they did. ‘Shoot as hard as you can and as fast as you can. Aim anywhere. Just hit it!’ All around, … Continue reading Pond People 10

Pond People 9

Missing. Team members greeted each other under the reeds and told each other how nervous they were. Many supporters had arrived early to get a good viewing spot and now the younger ones were getting bored and making a nuisance of themselves. Molly checked in the last of her team and sent them to join … Continue reading Pond People 9

Pond People 5

Target Practice. The pump lay at the bottom of the deep end, drawing in tired water that had travelled the length of the pond. Its pull was strong, sending water up to the filter at the top of the waterfall where it would begin its journey again. Around the pump, mirlings could exercise by swimming … Continue reading Pond People 5

Pond People 4

Never. Grandad mourned for the river he could never revisit. Molly couldn’t understand why he would want to. Here, in the pond, he didn’t have to dodge water voles and herons – whatever they were. (She pictured a heron as another kind of cat.) ‘There must be something we can do about that cat.’ Flash’s … Continue reading Pond People 4