Rethinking The Pond People

Thank you to everyone who commented encouragingly on my recently-serialised story The Pond People. I've made a number of changes while re-editing it for an e-book and it looks different already, but I have accepted what I knew in my heart of hearts... that it is still two-dimensional and needs work. I envisaged Pond People … Continue reading Rethinking The Pond People

Pond People 9

Missing. Team members greeted each other under the reeds and told each other how nervous they were. Many supporters had arrived early to get a good viewing spot and now the younger ones were getting bored and making a nuisance of themselves. Molly checked in the last of her team and sent them to join … Continue reading Pond People 9

Pond People 8

Tournament. On the morning of the tournament the sky rippled blue above the pond. The water was already warming as Flash arrived on the back of a goldfish. This particular dodger-fish had decided it was easier to ignore its hitchhiker than to throw him, and they arrived earlier than expected. As competitors began to drift … Continue reading Pond People 8

Pond People 7

Training. Flash recruited his team from the mirlings who trained at the pump, reasoning that their superior strength would help them spit further. He heard that Molly was taking on anyone who wanted to join. He had never relied on anyone but himself, never been part of any team. This would be an opportunity to … Continue reading Pond People 7

Pond People 6

Responsibilities. When Molly arrived in the shallows, there was no sign of Grandad. She was about to swim home again when that swaggering newcomer zoomed out of the water lilies. Flo and Grandad drifted down after him. ‘What’ve you been up to, Grandad?’ ‘Reed shooting. Come with me.’ He handed her the reed they’d been … Continue reading Pond People 6

Pond People 5

Target Practice. The pump lay at the bottom of the deep end, drawing in tired water that had travelled the length of the pond. Its pull was strong, sending water up to the filter at the top of the waterfall where it would begin its journey again. Around the pump, mirlings could exercise by swimming … Continue reading Pond People 5

Pond People 4

Never. Grandad mourned for the river he could never revisit. Molly couldn’t understand why he would want to. Here, in the pond, he didn’t have to dodge water voles and herons – whatever they were. (She pictured a heron as another kind of cat.) ‘There must be something we can do about that cat.’ Flash’s … Continue reading Pond People 4