Editing The Pond People

It's been a while since I wrote The Pond People. It began as a short story which was edited to death to send out for a competition. After extending the story it was sidelined for something else and hadn't been edited beyond the first draft. Posting it as a blog serial has made me get … Continue reading Editing The Pond People

Riding the Waterfall

Those who've been following this blog for a while might have read this already on commaful at https://commaful.com/play/cathycade/mirlings-in-winter/. Or perhaps in my collection Witch Way, and other ambiguous stories (available from Amazon). But for more recent followers who've been reading the mirlings saga, here's a verse I wrote earlier. Skimming down the waterfall, bouncing off … Continue reading Riding the Waterfall

Pond People 33

Riding the Current. He was still figuring out where he was when Eddy landed beside him. ‘Flash… how …? Magic! I might have known.’ Flo joined them. ‘You’re bleeding. Let me look at that.’ He moved his hand away and watched Flo kneel to inspect the wound in his side. She looked up with concern … Continue reading Pond People 33

Pond People 11

Goldie. Flash insisted that he would be well enough to compete next day. Molly was unconvinced, but she was over-ruled. The tournament was rescheduled for the following afternoon. Eddy won the sharpshooting prize. It was a popular win and Molly could sense Flash doing his best to hide his disappointment. He stood a little taller … Continue reading Pond People 11

Pond People 7

Training. Flash recruited his team from the mirlings who trained at the pump, reasoning that their superior strength would help them spit further. He heard that Molly was taking on anyone who wanted to join. He had never relied on anyone but himself, never been part of any team. This would be an opportunity to … Continue reading Pond People 7