As I Age; What Next?

As we grow older, the experiences of our parents can offer us clues about what to expect, or guard against. Having been adopted as a baby, I will have to wait and see. I have no knowledge of my birth parents. And medical science has moved on since my adoptive parents died. Gran survived breast … Continue reading As I Age; What Next?

Tooth and Claw As I Get Older

Teeth Once, I could tear sticky tape with my teeth and break thread with them when stitching. Today, the front teeth I once applied to tape and thread no longer meet for the purpose. My bottom teeth resemble tumbling tombstones in an abandoned graveyard. Today's orthodontists would probably remove a couple in childhood, but back … Continue reading Tooth and Claw As I Get Older

Terry Pratchett on old women and misleading covers — quotes for writers (and people who like quotes)

Thanks to Bridget Whelan for alerting me to this quote from The Master which seems so relevant to my ‘As I’m Ageing’ posts.


Terry Pratchett in a yellow hatI do note with interest that old women in my books become young women on the covers… this is discrimination against the chronologically gifted.
Terry Pratchett

photo credit: donielle via photopincc

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Memory, as I Get Older

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on I've always been bad at recalling names, so at least I know that isn’t age-related. I’m equally bad at recognising faces. I was often in trouble as a teen for cutting people socially who I had previously been introduced to at family events. I recently discovered there is such … Continue reading Memory, as I Get Older

As I Get Older…

As I get older, time flies faster. Before I retired, I expected that, with no job to occupy my time, the days would dawdle pleasantly. It took a while to realise how fast the months (no, years!) have whizzed past since I stopped working. I should have realised. Didn’t the weekends always fly by faster … Continue reading As I Get Older…