Meet Ruff

Meet the new member of the family: ten week old Ruffin, here seen showing Smidgeon who's boss. I didn't plan for another puppy. We signed up with several pet rescue charities, but as soon as we mention grandchildren and family dog-sitting, it seems none of their charges are suitable. I've always kept two or three … Continue reading Meet Ruff

More Chickenfeed Games

Download (free) a new card game from John Spiers of Gracie and Friends fame. In our new “Scratch And Peck!” card game, two chickens are scratching and pecking to collect the most points for Wiggly Worms, Big Weird Bugs, and Grumpy Grubs. But there are a lot of things that chickens won’t eat or shouldn’t … Continue reading More Chickenfeed Games

Hot dogs

A timely message (and a langorous poem).

The Small Dog

Moving in slow motion,
Reluctant effort spawning sleep
Before midday.
Soporific humming
Through open windows
Signals summer.
Only the flies are happy,
Making friends with flesh
Ensuring wakefulness.
Cloistered madness yawns,
Stretching fur-clad limbs
This is the time
For tennis balls
And Hot Dogs…

dawg 003

It is officially summer in the northern hemisphere. In England, the weather forecasters are predicting a heatwave. Every year many dogs die from heatstroke. They cannot regulate their body temperature in the same way a human can. Even just a ‘warm’ day can prove fatal… a parked car with an interior temperature of 22° C (71.6° F) may rise to 47° C ( 116.6° F) within an hour. Even with ventilation, dogs suffer and die.

It isn’t just dogs at risk. Protect your pets.

More info at the RSPCA website by clicking this link.

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Presale offer now active

The e-version of Witch Way, and other ambiguous stories, is NOW available to preorder from Smashwords in all e-formats at the reduced price of $1.99 (£1.97) until 21st June, when the price will revert to $2.99 (£2.97). Apologies to anyone who tried to order after my earlier post. I omitted to click on a concluding … Continue reading Presale offer now active

The pan-dimensional mouse

These pictures are amazing!
The post is about first impressions: seeing what the brain expects to see. Our minds accept what is familiar and believe what they are accustomed to believing.
Here’s to opening our minds and exploring the unfamiliar.

The Silent Eye


I have spent a lot of time lately working with two-dimensional representations of multidimensional states. No, I don’t mean anything arcane and mystical… or something that belongs in the realm of science fiction either. I’ve been working with pictures.


We tend to think of dimensions in spatial terms of height, length and depth. That is how we are first taught about the whole affair in school and why would we question it? We simply accept that we live in an apparently three-dimensional universe, and that an image, for instance, is only a two dimensional representation of a wider reality… a symbol, if you like. It has become widely accepted that ‘time’ makes a fourth dimension… the difference between how things were and how they are. Time travel has become such a popular idea through literature and entertainment that none of us boggle at the possibility… even while we accept it…

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How to Assist a Blind Person During Social Distancing

How to help the visually impaired without getting physical

K Morris - Poet

I received this message from the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (GDBA), the charity which trains guide dogs in the UK, and thought it would be of value to my readers as it offers useful tips on how to assist a visually impaired person during this time of social distancing:

“Did you know that only one fifth of the public ‘completely comfortable’ offering to help someone with sight loss while social distancing is in place?*

“Today Guide Dogs has launched a new campaign called ‘Be There’ to give the public ways of supporting people with sight loss during social distancing.

“Social distancing is the most challenging aspect for me in the whole Covid-19 situation… it would really help if people have an awareness of how they can play their part.” Jonathan, guide dog owner

Jon is not alone in this, we’ve heard similar stories many times over the past…

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