More Chickenfeed Games

For those of you who downloaded Worms and Straw Bales (pictured above), I have discovered an earlier game from John Spiers of This is a card game called Feed the Chickens which appeared last August. (How did I miss it? . . .Last year was a busy year.) Find either game by clicking on … Continue reading More Chickenfeed Games

More Home Experiments

AccuWeather School: Let the air show its muscles and crush a can image from Accuweather You'll have to scroll a long way down the Accuweather page for the crush-a-can experiment; it was posted on April 27th. (Sorry - forgot to finish this post.) Scroll down even further for more home experiments, such as how to … Continue reading More Home Experiments

Bridge the Distancing

Online get-togethers and a new board game. Our writing group – the Whittlesey Wordsmiths – held our first meeting on Zoom in April. Some members were wobbly about the technology involved and left us pioneers to try it first. Although our first meeting was a doggy paddle of discovery, we soon got used to watching … Continue reading Bridge the Distancing

Things to do with Children, 4

Neverending games Does anyone ever recall coming to the end of a game of Monopoly? Is it possible to finish a game of Monopoly? (I suppose, if everyone but the winner goes bankrupt and drops out…) We once had a game called Hotel which was similar; players bought hotels and charged other players to stay … Continue reading Things to do with Children, 4

Things To Do, 3: Spark Their Imagination.

Storytelling Even the most artistic of children will want to put down their paintbrush sometime. Offer them a prompt (or a choice of prompts) to write a story. This could develop in several ways. For instance, when everyone's applauded the story, suggest a 'What If' related to it. . . (What if the cat got … Continue reading Things To Do, 3: Spark Their Imagination.

Isolation Compensation

I am finding compensations in self isolation Finishing up old supplies. I will finally get around to using the food at the back of my freezer and the tins behind the dog treats in the food cupboard. I am discovering things I'd long forgotten I bought. Until recently, I was taking an older friend shopping … Continue reading Isolation Compensation

Things To Do 2: with Children

Suggestion 1: Treasure Hunts Treasure doesn't have to be diamonds and pearls. I first started treasure hunts with my brood when we were on holiday with my sister, staying in a borrowed family cottage with five small children, three terriers and no money. Not all of the children could read yet, so I devised picture … Continue reading Things To Do 2: with Children

Things to do while hibernating

My favourite jigsaw. This was a jigsaw of Mr Mole proposing to Thumbelina, bought when my children were small and our Staffy, Rumble, was a pup (no, not the current Staffy. Rumble died in the 1990s). The jigsaw was a bu challenge to put together because the pieces looked different depending on where the light … Continue reading Things to do while hibernating