Conquering Inactivity (my own)

I haven’t written a new story for ages. Photo by Miguel u00c1. Padriu00f1u00e1n on Even last month’s prompt from our writing group was answered with a rejigged story I penned years ago. My excuses to myself have been multiple. . . dogs to train, fish ponds to de-sludge, nettles to nuke, anthologies to edit, … Continue reading Conquering Inactivity (my own)

Gran Used to Say…

Recent posts about housework have reminded me of my gran’s term for my kind of cleaning. She used to call it a ‘cat’s lick’ or a ‘lick and a promise’. Promises to my household surfaces rarely get fulfilled. I’ve since been reminded of some other phrases Nan would use, One of which I haven’t managed … Continue reading Gran Used to Say…


Methods of insecticide, that is... not the poison sold in aerosol cans. I can't stand the smell of fly-killer spray. (Actually, when leaving the house with visitors recently, I thought hubby had sprayed insecticide around to kill off flies while we were out. Once in the car, I discovered the odour was still with us, … Continue reading Insecti-cide

Go Forth and Multiply. . .

but not in my house! Coathangers Have you ever noticed the way coathangers breed? At one point, all the hangers in your wardrobe may be occupied, but as items get worn and washed and replaced you one day realise there are way more hangers than there are items of clothing. I occasionally – not as … Continue reading Go Forth and Multiply. . .


My parents always had the same tabloid newspaper delivered every morning. As I got older, I'd read the news and sections that interested me, but when I moved out I had a different newspaper delivered. This one supported opposing views on most issues, and I found myself approving its coverage. After a while, though, I … Continue reading Opinions


I realised today while I was chopping carrots very finely that my teeth were gritted together. When facing vaccination or needles for blood tests or donation I automatically squeeze my fist – around my belt if there's no squeezy ball or block of wood on offer. And eating sugared doughnuts today, I remembered someone at … Continue reading Involuntary