Memory, as I Get Older

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on I've always been bad at recalling names, so at least I know that isn’t age-related. I’m equally bad at recognising faces. I was often in trouble as a teen for cutting people socially who I had previously been introduced to at family events. I recently discovered there is such … Continue reading Memory, as I Get Older

Story Chat for August

You may have come across Marsha Ingrao's blog, Always Write in your browsing. Story Chat is only one of its many facets: an opportunity for writers to get one of their stories out there for discussion. This month I am guest hosting Story Chat, to introduce Wendy Fletcher, leader of our u3a writing group, the … Continue reading Story Chat for August

As I Get Older…

As I get older, time flies faster. Before I retired, I expected that, with no job to occupy my time, the days would dawdle pleasantly. It took a while to realise how fast the months (no, years!) have whizzed past since I stopped working. I should have realised. Didn’t the weekends always fly by faster … Continue reading As I Get Older…

Conquering Inactivity (my own)

I haven’t written a new story for ages. Photo by Miguel u00c1. Padriu00f1u00e1n on Even last month’s prompt from our writing group was answered with a rejigged story I penned years ago. My excuses to myself have been multiple. . . dogs to train, fish ponds to de-sludge, nettles to nuke, anthologies to edit, … Continue reading Conquering Inactivity (my own)

Story Chatting

Marsha Ingrao of Always Write has kindly invited me to guest-host her Story Chat challenge through August and September. For those of you who haven't come across Story Chat before, find the current story up for comment HERE. Earlier stories, along with a link to submit your own, can be found at You'll find … Continue reading Story Chatting

How Do I Miss Thee?

One recent challenge for 12 poems in 12 months (at was to write a sonnet. I chose the Shakespearean sonnet form. How do I miss you? Let me count the ways now we’re apart. I woke up late this morn, No pillowed head beside me this fine day, To snore throughout the night till … Continue reading How Do I Miss Thee?

Gran Used to Say…

Recent posts about housework have reminded me of my gran’s term for my kind of cleaning. She used to call it a ‘cat’s lick’ or a ‘lick and a promise’. Promises to my household surfaces rarely get fulfilled. I’ve since been reminded of some other phrases Nan would use, One of which I haven’t managed … Continue reading Gran Used to Say…