New Fiction from a Whittlesey Wordsmith

Killing Time in Cambridge Just published is a tale of a Cambridge detective with an unusual sidekick , written by an author who knows his territory. Affection for Cambridge and its surroundings shines through the story and its gentle humour ensures these murders won't keep you awake at night. A Good holiday read. Find Phil … Continue reading New Fiction from a Whittlesey Wordsmith

More Chickenfeed Games

Download (free) a new card game from John Spiers of Gracie and Friends fame. In our new “Scratch And Peck!” card game, two chickens are scratching and pecking to collect the most points for Wiggly Worms, Big Weird Bugs, and Grumpy Grubs. But there are a lot of things that chickens won’t eat or shouldn’t … Continue reading More Chickenfeed Games

More Chickenfeed Games

For those of you who downloaded Worms and Straw Bales (pictured above), I have discovered an earlier game from John Spiers of This is a card game called Feed the Chickens which appeared last August. (How did I miss it? . . .Last year was a busy year.) Find either game by clicking on … Continue reading More Chickenfeed Games

Feathered Friendship

Since last year, I've been following a blogger who talks with his chickens. I've no problem with that – I have discussions with the family's dogs (mainly about whether it's feeding time yet – they're a pragmatic bunch) but back when we were between dogs I've been known to talk to fish in the fish tank … Continue reading Feathered Friendship

Book Launch Yesterday At U3A

Wendy – the leader of our writing group – held her first book-signing yesterday at a local U3A meeting. Sadly I was travelling home from Cornwall and misssed it, but I hear it went well.

Whittlesey Wordsmiths

A fantastic new post from Wendy Fletcher.

Wendy book signing. Wendy signing copies of her autobiography The Railway Carriage Child at the launch in Whittlesey

At the U3A meeting in Whittlesey yesterday I did a book signing session for my first book, The Railway Carriage Child. Over 100 members attended and the afternoon was a great success. I hope that is encouraging to all would-be writers who may be having doubts about stepping onto the public platform with their own creations

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The Railway Carriage Child now in print

Wendy Fletcher is a founder member of our writing group, the Whittlesey Wordsmiths. Her work in progress for many years has, at last, come to fruition and the first copy arrived today. This reblogged post is from the group’s WordPress blog.

Whittlesey Wordsmiths

Wendy's Book Wendy Fletcher with her first print copy of The Railway Carriage Child

About two years ago I joined the local U3A Writing group as its third member. At my first meeting in Whittlesey’s Not Just Cafe, I was able to read a chapter from Wendy Fletcher’s autobiography. It was unfinished and hadn’t a title but it was for me a work of exceptional quality. Today the first-ever print copy was delivered to Wendy she brought it to the Writing Group (Whittlesey Wordsmiths) meeting opened the envelope and together with Wendy, we had the first sight of it.

This is the foreword

Against a backdrop of the Cambridgeshire fens, lies the

small market town of Whittlesey. Here are many features

of historical and architectural interest, including two

medieval churches, a 17th century Butter Cross and rare

examples of 18th century mud boundary walls.

Less well known, but still quite remarkable, are…

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Why Aren’t You Reading Terry Pratchett?

Just read this post from Alex Raizman about Terry Pratchett.
My thoughts exactly, only he says it so much better than I could.

The Home of Alex Raizman

Tolkien. Martin. Sanderson. Le Guin. These are some of the names that most commonly come up when people talk about the great fantasy writers. These are the people who’ve created some of the most unique and enduring worlds in fiction – Middle Earth and Westeros are household names, while the Cosmere and Earthsea are worlds fantasy fans know like their own neighborhoods.

Yet I don’t see Sir Terry Pratchett and Discworld come up often enough on those lists, and that makes me sad, because Sir Pratchett is one of the greatest fantasy authors who has ever lived, and Discworld is one of the most creative settings ever. So if you haven’t read Pratchett, or have and want a nostalgia trip about why he’s amazing, read below to find out what makes him one of the best fantasy authors of all time.

The Setting of Discworld is Incredible

OKHwm Every single one…

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Where the Wild Winds Blow by the Whittlesey Wordsmiths

I’d like to thank Eva Jordan for her review of our writing group’s anthology Where The Wild Winds Blow.
Eva’s most recent title, Time Will Tell, is her third and concluding story about the Lemalf family, following 183 Times a Year and All the Colours In Between.

Eva Jordan

Book Review – Where the Wild Winds Blow by the Whittlesey Wordsmiths

Independently Published 


Recently, a member of a local writing group approached me and asked me if I’d be interested in reviewing a book they had put together and published. Honoured, I said I’d love to.

Where the Wild Winds Blow is an eclectic mix of fact and fiction, featuring short stories, poems and memoirs contributed by the various members of the Whittlesey Wordsmiths. I have to say; I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I will admit I was pleasantly surprised. Informative, thought provoking, and at times, enjoyably humorous, it was a real pleasure to read.

At just over 400 pages long it is quite a dense book, but for me it is not a book that should be devoured all at once, but rather savoured, slowly. Neither does it need to be read sequentially, but rather…

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