Another poem penned for one of the 12 poems in 12 months challenges at Deadlines for Writers.com . The prompt for this one was "rudimentary". Evolution Amoeba-like in amnion. Life-defining. Protozoan cells divide, multiplying.   Burrow into tissue softness. Fix location. Fluid flowing in, around. Communication.   Nourishment by yolk sac, like a baby chicklet. … Continue reading Evolution


Another villanelle (see Hiatus for my first). This was the one I posted for May's 12 poems in 12 months challenge at Deadlines for Writers.com Drat! They come to me in dreams at nightas scurrying streaks of whiskered greed,black beady eyeballs gleaming bright They first appeared in broad daylight.Beneath the bird table they'd feedand come … Continue reading Drat!