Story Chat for August

You may have come across Marsha Ingrao's blog, Always Write in your browsing. Story Chat is only one of its many facets: an opportunity for writers to get one of their stories out there for discussion. This month I am guest hosting Story Chat, to introduce Wendy Fletcher, leader of our u3a writing group, the … Continue reading Story Chat for August

Conquering Inactivity (my own)

I haven’t written a new story for ages. Photo by Miguel u00c1. Padriu00f1u00e1n on Even last month’s prompt from our writing group was answered with a rejigged story I penned years ago. My excuses to myself have been multiple. . . dogs to train, fish ponds to de-sludge, nettles to nuke, anthologies to edit, … Continue reading Conquering Inactivity (my own)

How Do I Miss Thee?

One recent challenge for 12 poems in 12 months (at was to write a sonnet. I chose the Shakespearean sonnet form. How do I miss you? Let me count the ways now we’re apart. I woke up late this morn, No pillowed head beside me this fine day, To snore throughout the night till … Continue reading How Do I Miss Thee?


One of this year's '12 poems in 12 months' challenges was to pen an acrostic. It wasn't my finest hour, but since I recently posted about my aversion to housework I thought I'd share my acrostic here. Spring Cleaning Somebody’s coming. My Parents, for Easter. I’m Running around with a vacuum cleaner. I don’t enjoy … Continue reading Acrostic

Stand and Deliver

I tried free verse, but it rhymed anyway. So I had another go… Posting both, if I may. At the risk of boring readers, the compositions below are, essentially, the same content in different forms. I asked our writing group which they preferred before posting both versions for the 12 poems in 12 months challenge … Continue reading Stand and Deliver

Seasonal Confusion

It was late 2019 when Phil, from our writing group, had the idea of producing two collections of Christmas stories – one for adults and one for children. It is difficult to summon the Christmas muse once the festive season has passed. By the time we felt Christmassy enough to produce seasonal stories in 2019, … Continue reading Seasonal Confusion

But is it Poetry? (2)

This is by way of a reblog from John Spiers, whose posts don't have a 'Reblog' button. Click this link for the post from his blog which gives links to two websites: one to assess your poems and another to assess your song lyrics. As those who follow my poetic efforts will be aware, … Continue reading But is it Poetry? (2)

Olden Days in UK Public Libraries – #6

A personal history Moving On In the new post, I was back with my old team, albeit in a more exalted role. The branch was now operating out of a couple of portacabins on a patch of wasteland while a new civic complex was under construction on the old site. As well as a much … Continue reading Olden Days in UK Public Libraries – #6