Pond People 29

Raining. Father dropped the net in the empty tank, where it slid down to lie flat on the gravel. The tank tipped sideways, and the jug dipped to collect more water. Each time it appeared, the jug faced the same direction, so after Flash freed Grandad’s foot they scrambled to the far end of the … Continue reading Pond People 29

Things To Do, 3: Spark Their Imagination.

Storytelling Even the most artistic of children will want to put down their paintbrush sometime. Offer them a prompt (or a choice of prompts) to write a story. This could develop in several ways. For instance, when everyone's applauded the story, suggest a 'What If' related to it. . . (What if the cat got … Continue reading Things To Do, 3: Spark Their Imagination.

Gutenberg Changes (the easy ones).

I tackled WordPress's change to block editing and thought I was coping okay. . . and then Gutenberg changed again while I wasn't looking. I'm sure the 'upgrade' has been heralded in one of those emails I don't read, but it threw me when I couldn't find the little arrow that moves blocks up and … Continue reading Gutenberg Changes (the easy ones).

Bored yet?

Many of my readers will have seen these, reblogged already by Chris the Story-reading Ape, but I had to pass them on again. My grandchildren will enjoy these. And they’re free!

S C Richmond

You can always entertain the family with this amusing little bit of fun…

If that’s not fun enough for you, it’ll be time to empty the attic to find those old fashioned board games.

Stay sane out there people.

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Isolation Compensation

I am finding compensations in self isolation Finishing up old supplies. I will finally get around to using the food at the back of my freezer and the tins behind the dog treats in the food cupboard. I am discovering things I'd long forgotten I bought. Until recently, I was taking an older friend shopping … Continue reading Isolation Compensation

Pond People 26

Breaking Down. Something was wrong with the pump. Here we go again thought Molly, but this time Mother noticed straight away. ‘Henry, can you take a look at the aquarium pump? It’s vibrating, but there are no bubbles.’ It took Father most of the day to get the pump working properly. Mother kept out of … Continue reading Pond People 26

Pond People 25

Breaking Up. Andre was intrigued by the sudden appearance of a bed of plant debris lining the gravel. To Flash’s amusement, the boy set up tests to try and determine how intelligent the fish were. He devised different casings for the brine shrimps to see if the fish could get into them. After baiting his … Continue reading Pond People 25

Things To Do 2: with Children

Suggestion 1: Treasure Hunts Treasure doesn't have to be diamonds and pearls. I first started treasure hunts with my brood when we were on holiday with my sister, staying in a borrowed family cottage with five small children, three terriers and no money. Not all of the children could read yet, so I devised picture … Continue reading Things To Do 2: with Children