Pond People 4

Never. Grandad mourned for the river he could never revisit. Molly couldn’t understand why he would want to. Here, in the pond, he didn’t have to dodge water voles and herons – whatever they were. (She pictured a heron as another kind of cat.) ‘There must be something we can do about that cat.’ Flash’s … Continue reading Pond People 4

A Story for Christmas

Christmas Presence Shorty scrambled over the top of the skip and landed next to me on the old cardboard and carpet scraps that topped the pile of rubbish. I don’t know what was underneath that but it stank a bit. Footsteps ran past. They came back slowly. A car started up and the blue lights … Continue reading A Story for Christmas

Novice Self-publishing 7: preparing to upload.

The safest way to upload your paperback manuscript to Amazon is as a PDF file. Before converting your Word file to PDF, run the checks below (again). They can all be found in the File tab, to the left of the toolbar, which takes you here... Embedding fonts Whether or not you convert your file … Continue reading Novice Self-publishing 7: preparing to upload.

Novice Self-publishing, 5.5 – ebook to paperback

Earlier in this Novice Self-publishing series I outlined the steps needed to convert your free-flowing e-book manuscript to a print-ready PDF . This post gives more information about that process. When your printed copy is uploaded to Amazon for publication, you will be asked if you want Amazon to publish it as an e-book. You … Continue reading Novice Self-publishing, 5.5 – ebook to paperback