This Worked For Me

I’ve come to terms with the block editor, but since I know many hate it like poison, I’m reblogging this little workaaround from beetleypete


I finally managed to get one of the many tips to work. One issue was that I have ‘Two-Stage Verification’ on my Account Settings. Once I worked out how to get into that, I used this easy tip, and now have access to the Classic Editor every time.

Remember to ‘Save Settings’ though.

If you can’t read that on screen, here’s a link to the original post.

I don’t know how long WP will let that loophole exist, but if you are unhappy with the Block Editor, this will work.

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Timeless Truths

Things we find funny change as we get older. Small children laugh at clowns. Richard Hearne OBE 1908-1979: As a tweenager, I recall reading a library book my mother had just finished ― one of Leslie Charteris’s “Saint” stories. I was moved to hysteria over a comment made by Simon Templar to his sidekick, Hoppy. … Continue reading Timeless Truths

Embracing Retirement

More than one former colleague who came back to visit told us it had taken a year or more to get used to retirement. I doubted this would happen to me. Without exception they wondered how they'd found time for a full-time job. I marked my retirement by leaving my wristwatch in the bedroom unless … Continue reading Embracing Retirement

Tiny stories

Photo by Pedro Figueras on I've mentioned before on this blog the website 101 words that publishes stories of exactly 101-words. That post was to highlight how useful the ideal title can be when words are limited. This post is in awe at the ability to fit an actual story, – with beginning, middle … Continue reading Tiny stories

The March of Progress

Shutterstock image Through the twentieth century, the Net Book Agreement in the UK had fixed book prices. Only books that were 'remaindered' by publishers (having failed to sell) were sold at reduced prices. This agreement between the Publishers Association and booksellers fell by the wayside in the 1990s. By the turn of the century, book … Continue reading The March of Progress

The Small Dog Considers …

Those who follow Sue Vincent will have read this already. For those who don’t, I recommend her blogs. Unbearably poignant.

The Small Dog

He’s bringing tea and coffee through,

With toast and honey, biscuits too,

To pick her up when she feels drained…

And I thought I had got him trained!


I’m sort of glad, though, to be fair,

‘Cause, what with all the missing hair

She’s not the way she used to be…

And prob’bly needs more help than me.


She says I do enough all day

By keeping tennis balls in play

And warming feet and guarding doors

…And cleaning chocolate crumbs from floors.


It’s not enough, what can you do?

The years we had together flew!

We’d time to learn each other’s ways

Put so much laughter in the days…


But soon she’ll cross the rainbow bridge

And I’ll stand quiet by the fridge

And wait there for the final ‘treat’…

And know that love is death’s defeat.


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The Leafy Groves of Academe

Photo by Charlotte May on I whiled away a year as Head of Learning Resources at a new sixth form college, where we upgraded the provisional library the college had opened with (which I was around long enough to move into – I'd almost forgotten that one). Meanwhile, a post came up at a … Continue reading The Leafy Groves of Academe