Go Forth and Multiply. . .

but not in my house! Coathangers Have you ever noticed the way coathangers breed? At one point, all the hangers in your wardrobe may be occupied, but as items get worn and washed and replaced you one day realise there are way more hangers than there are items of clothing. I occasionally – not as … Continue reading Go Forth and Multiply. . .

Stand and Deliver

I tried free verse, but it rhymed anyway. So I had another go… Posting both, if I may. At the risk of boring readers, the compositions below are, essentially, the same content in different forms. I asked our writing group which they preferred before posting both versions for the 12 poems in 12 months challenge … Continue reading Stand and Deliver

Seasonal Confusion

It was late 2019 when Phil, from our writing group, had the idea of producing two collections of Christmas stories – one for adults and one for children. It is difficult to summon the Christmas muse once the festive season has passed. By the time we felt Christmassy enough to produce seasonal stories in 2019, … Continue reading Seasonal Confusion


My parents always had the same tabloid newspaper delivered every morning. As I got older, I'd read the news and sections that interested me, but when I moved out I had a different newspaper delivered. This one supported opposing views on most issues, and I found myself approving its coverage. After a while, though, I … Continue reading Opinions


I realised today while I was chopping carrots very finely that my teeth were gritted together. When facing vaccination or needles for blood tests or donation I automatically squeeze my fist – around my belt if there's no squeezy ball or block of wood on offer. And eating sugared doughnuts today, I remembered someone at … Continue reading Involuntary