Pond People 14

Surrounded. The water was settling but her stomach still churned, along with her thoughts. What now? There had always been someone in the pond to tell her what she should do. And to sort things out when she didn’t get around to it. Now there was only Grandad, sitting beside her on the bottom of … Continue reading Pond People 14

Pond People 13

Decisions. All was quiet in the kitchen. Molly moved nearer to the three who had arrived in the bucket before them. ‘It’s Sylva and Walter, isn’t it? How did you get here?’ The water quivered around Sylva whose lustrous scales had dulled to leaden grey. It was the youngest of the three who answered. What … Continue reading Pond People 13

Oops Again

Apologies again to those who have received a link to an episode prematurely posted. Have you ever thought to yourself, 'Nearly home' when driving late at night and awoke to find yourself bumping the kerb? (Sadly, I have) This is something similar. I think to myself, 'I'll just schedule this and go and fix dinner.' … Continue reading Oops Again

Pond People 11

Goldie. Flash insisted that he would be well enough to compete next day. Molly was unconvinced, but she was over-ruled. The tournament was rescheduled for the following afternoon. Eddy won the sharpshooting prize. It was a popular win and Molly could sense Flash doing his best to hide his disappointment. He stood a little taller … Continue reading Pond People 11

Pond People 10

Prizewinning Shot. Molly launched, issuing instructions as she swam. ‘Both teams to the surface. Anyone who can shoot, drench that cat!’ What was she doing: giving orders as if expecting everyone to jump? And they did. ‘Shoot as hard as you can and as fast as you can. Aim anywhere. Just hit it!’ All around, … Continue reading Pond People 10

Living in a field

One of my East London primary school teachers told the class that the only place we could view the horizon as a complete circle was at sea. She obviously hadn’t visited the Fens. My husband, an ex-policeman, appreciates the silence here (when the banshee winds aren’t howling around the house) and often comments on the … Continue reading Living in a field

Pond People 9

Missing. Team members greeted each other under the reeds and told each other how nervous they were. Many supporters had arrived early to get a good viewing spot and now the younger ones were getting bored and making a nuisance of themselves. Molly checked in the last of her team and sent them to join … Continue reading Pond People 9

Pond People 8

Tournament. On the morning of the tournament the sky rippled blue above the pond. The water was already warming as Flash arrived on the back of a goldfish. This particular dodger-fish had decided it was easier to ignore its hitchhiker than to throw him, and they arrived earlier than expected. As competitors began to drift … Continue reading Pond People 8