A Cheat’s #Bloganuary

Continuing with my cheat’s version of Bloganuary in a weekly post. Photo by Burst on Pexels.com I don’t aspire to blog daily, but I’m looking over the week’s Bloganuary prompts to pick-and-choose the ones I can think of something to blog about. ### 8th Jan: What do you like most about your writing? I would … Continue reading A Cheat’s #Bloganuary


In the absence of further blogging inspiration, here's part 1 of a short story (loosely) inspired by the character of the White Rabbit from a writing group prompt. Bunny “Could we divert a library assistant to shelve these returns while I’m at the book meeting? Celia is familiar with their classification.” “I expect it’s time … Continue reading Bunny

#Bloganuary (somewhat late).

To galvanise me into action, I’m taking up the WordPress Bloganuary challenge but with a proviso. Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com Since... a) I came to this challenge late, b) I don’t aspire to blog daily, c) I have other things to do... I’ll be looking over the week’s prompts and only rambling on about … Continue reading #Bloganuary (somewhat late).

When you’ve nothing to say…

I am in awe of bloggers who find things to blog about daily. I struggle to find material to write about weekly, and I fear my thinking cap went for recycling along with the Christmas wrapping. My usual advice-to-self when I've nothing worth saying is to not say anything at all. However, with Christmas cake … Continue reading When you’ve nothing to say…

Santa’s Workshop

Dealing with Shorty and Griller Santa Nick looked fierce, like a magistrate passing sentence. “What were you doing in my sleigh?” “Waiting for you,” I said without thinking. Then I realised and hung my head, so I didn’t meet Shorty’s glare. But Shorty bounced back, like always. “Yeah, that’s right. We was hoping you’d give … Continue reading Santa’s Workshop

Following Santa

Shorty and Griller spot Santa When Shorty got back, I were sat on the edge of the sleigh watching the holly where we’d last seen Santa. Shorty started unpacking his “shopping”, but I didn’t take my eyes off them bushes till he yelled at me. “Griller! You’re s’posed to have been watching.” He blinked furiously … Continue reading Following Santa

Suburban Forest

Past ancient trees where once the King’s hunt rode, Low sunshine filters through to forest paths Here fat geese paddle still and royal swans glide, Around a lake man-made two centuries past. Through freshly fallen leaves, crisp underfoot, Scampering squirrels scatter from my dogs. Through leaves not churned yet into muddy ruts By cycles, turning … Continue reading Suburban Forest

Book sale!

I've enrolled my books in Smashwords end-of-year e-book sale. The sale runs between December 17th and January 1st. During this period, my e-books will be half price, except for A Year Before Christmas, which will be free. A Year Before Christmas is a story-poem about Emmie Elf who gets left behind by Santa on Christmas … Continue reading Book sale!