Posts about retirement and getting older.

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One-sided (coming 7/12)

Wash Behind Your Ears (coming 12/11)

Least Favourite Things – song lyrics

Things I picked up along the way

Déjà Vu

Ageing Gratefully

Colour Me Faded

Fashion? – briging back the sixties

Giraffe Stance – hands, knees and hips

On the Other Hand – learning new stuff

As I Age, what next?

Tooth and Claw, as I get older

Feet and Fingers, as I get older

Memory, as I get older

As I get older – Time Flies

Write Time – after retirement, what next?

Embracing Retirement – retirement after a career in libraries.

Now I Am Old – a poem (with apologies to Jenny Joseph)

One Size Fits… not – Advice from the health gurus (and other experts).

Birthday Break – My 70th