I Forgot

A rhyme of things to come?

old woman
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com
“I forgot…” As I hold the things out to explain
my daughter, not looking, says, “Never mind, Mum.
What did you forget this time? Clinic appointment?
That’s not till next week; there’s no need to look glum.”

As I dangle them, jingling, my clouds thin a bit,
And I say to her, “Keys,” and I hold them up high.
“You forgot where you put them? Well done, then, for finding them.”
But I still can’t remember, however I try.

And she sees I’m still fretting; says, “It’s not important.
Don’t worry. Stay calm. It’ll come back to you.
I lose words myself sometimes. Those are your car keys.”
“I know what they’re called dear, but what do they do?”
feathers circling


That’s when to start worrying…

6 thoughts on “I Forgot

    1. That was actually how I was told not to worry about Alzheimers. The doctor said not to worry if I kept losing my keys. It was when I forgot what keys were for that I should start worrying.

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  1. You said it all, Cathy, with that ‘Ode to Getting Old’.
    I don’t forget items as much as I forget appointments and phone calls I have to make. Last week I had an appointment with my Dr and I completely forgot. She called me to remind me to reschedule.
    I forgot an appointment with the acupuncturist for my legs. The only day I have free she doesn’t have that day available anymore. I put myself on a waiting list and I’m still waiting. In the meantime, my legs are getting worse.
    I forgot to call my pharmacy to renew my prescription for the painkillers. The pharmacy finally filled it and it’s ready for pick up, but my caregiver isn’t here to pick it up for me. This means I have to wait a full day before I can get it.
    Because of this, I’m going to be in horrible pain tomorrow until my caregiver comes to pick it up for me at 3 p.m. It doesn’t take effect until 4 hours later. In the meantime, I’ll be suffering. Chances are very great I probably won’t get much sleep tonight. I already did spend about a half hour crying a bit.
    Thursday – today – is my birthday and I wanted to go out, but with my legs in such pain, I won’t be able to. I may decide to wait until Friday to celebrate my turning 65.
    Usually, the only way I can remember all these appointments and such is to set alarms for them. That usually works for me, but there are those times when I just get too tired.
    I am so tempted to delete this comment because it sounds like I’m doing nothing but complaining. I’m really not. I’m just stating the facts.

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    1. I know what you mean about setting alarms. I have them all over my calendar, but sometimes they’re a bit ryptic and I can’t remember what I meant to remind myself about… and sometimes I just don’t notice that note at thebottom that says I’ve missed one. (I never remember to take the mobile with me when we walk the dogs.) How I managed to get things done when I was working I don’t know. (I seem to recall lots of post-it notes around my PC but that isn’t practical with a laptop I keep folding up and moving around.)
      Like my Gran used to say… don’t get old!

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      1. The alarms on both my phone and my tablet have a section at the top to make notations to remind yourself why you set the alarm. Don’t you have that? How terrible if your phone doesn’t have that option.


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