Sticking my head above the parapet

There are things that (most) men do better than (most) women.

That doesn’t mean women can’t do them too.

(This is not one of them.)

There are also things that (most) women do better than (most) men. This doesn’t mean men can’t do them.

There will always be people of either gender who buck the trend.

Do what you do best and whatever you like doing most. (These may not be the same thing).

Life isn’t a competition.


cartoon of laptop


What is your favourite activity?

And your greatest talent?

Since childhood, or discovered later in life?

21 thoughts on “Sticking my head above the parapet

  1. I discovered very late in life that I can write stories and I really enjoy that. Especially if others who have read them tell me they enjoyed them. My absolute favourite thing to do in the whole world is read. The joy of entering a book, living vicariously through the characters and doing impossible things in strange and wonderful places is just incredible.

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    1. I’ve only recently allowed myself time to read again. I have a l-o-n-g tbr list composed of both established and indie authors and I don’t like to give up on a book once I’ve started. But I have to say I’ve been tempted to scan and skip sometimes.

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  2. I am tempted to say my greatest talent is multitasking, being able to procrastinate and prevaricate at the same time, fortunately, I have resisted that temptation.
    I enjoy writing too and get the same pleasure as Jane when someone tells me that they have enjoyed what I have written.

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  3. My husband is an arch procrastinator and I prefer to get tasks out of the way. This means I often find myself doing things he ought to.
    I am now careful to spot such instances and stop myself, as I suspect it is just another avoidance strategy to stop me revisiting that ‘practice’ novel draft I haven’t looked at for years.

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      1. Not if it isn’t true. That is the problem with writing groups (online and offline) where we’re all so keen on being positive. I’m afraid if I want honesty I’d probably have to pay for it. The trouble is, I think it needs a rewrite rather than tinkering with. I’ve just signed up to a ‘write your novel in 365 days’ group in the hope their deadlines will get me focused.

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        1. I agree. It won’t help me if all I hear it, “Oh wow! That’s fantastic.” “Good job!” “You got, girl!”
          As much as I’d love to hear it I need to hear the constructive criticism.
          If you post something in the group, I’ll tell you honestly what you need to hear. I won’t be crude and rude about it. There’s no need for that. I always try to take the sandwich approach.
          First, I say something positive like, “You’re very descriptive. I can see everything so clearly.”
          Then I say, “For me, I’d like to see you go deeper into your characters. Let me know and feel that they are real.”
          Finally, I might say, “You’re very good with the active voice.”
          Try me! I dare ya! Maybe you’re chicken??? 🐤🐓🐔

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          1. When I get around to it. Been overnighting grandchildren… the boys on Friday night and the twins last night. I managed to lose my daughter’s dog in the park (panic – but he came back; phew!) and now catching my breath before shopping tomorrow (no bread left in the house – or tomatoes or oranges, and very little else). Then twins again on Tuesday and meeting a friend in London on Wednesday. Driving back home on Friday so doubt I’ll be writing much this week.

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  4. My favorite activity since I was four years old is reading. Books have been a constant and reliable companion since then. I get antsy if I don’t have a book ready to be started. I am exploring writing which has been a challenge since I learned to print my letters. Still looking for the genre that fits most easily. Have tinkered with poetry and essays mainly.

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  5. Some of us have to do everything, for different reasons admittedly. The highlight of the last three years was early last year when my husband was well enough to help me put the bins out. (It’s horribly complicated here in Bath, one week I have 7 bins, the other 5). Unfortunately it didn’t last long.

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    1. Mine hasn’t put the bins out since before his hips were replaced in 2015. The hips were followed by a triple bypass when we discovered he still couldn’t walk far even with new hips that didn’t hurt.
      somehow, it’s still me putting the bins out…


  6. I used to read a LOT when I was growing up. Now, it seems I’ve been reading my Bible almost exclusively. Although, on Kindle, I am reading a memoir about a woman who finally called it quits with her narcissistic mom and gaslighting and scapegoating family.
    I seriously have to get back into reading again. How do I do that, though? Most of my days are spent working on my own memoir. When I’m not writing I’m taking part in read and critique groups and/or writing groups. I come up with new ideas for flash fiction pieces.
    When I was younger my favorite genre to read was Science Fiction. I could never write it myself and admire those who do. To create these future worlds is amazing to me. That’s a special talent only great minds can do.

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  7. Firstly thank you for following CarolCooks 2, Cathy…I have always cooked but do more now I have retired and make many things that I used to buy and wonder why I didn’t make them myself sooner as it’s so easy, cost-effective and has no chemicals 🙂

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  8. My problem is I only cook for me (mostly). Hubby has a pie-and-chips or baked-beans-on-toast palate, so the only time we eat the same thing is when I roast. But I get up to some interesting concoctions for me. Thank heavens for the freezer! My son-in-law, the other hand, loves to cook and my oungest son trained as a chef (as his dad did). Thanks for reading and commenting.


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