Bloganuary’s tail-end

So that was Bloganuary 2023. It was a relief not having to think what to blog about, but I didn’t feel I could really get my teeth into this year’s questions.

A nice month to visit, but I wouldn’t want to stay there.



29th Jan        What is something you learned recently?

I can’t break sellotape with my teeth any more. (My teeth no longer meet at the spot where I used to apply them.)

~ ~ ~

30th Jan       What would you title the chapters of your autobiography?

Then and Now ?

To be honest, unless something unexpected and spectacular happens in the next few years, I can’t imagine writing one.

~ ~ ~

31st Jan      Where is the best place to watch the sunset near you?

Our garden in the Cambridgeshire Fens, when the sun sets over the fields with little between the furthest field and skyline. I would post you a photo, but we’re away from home at the moment and I don’t seem to have one in hand. (Why photograph it when you can see it most days?)

Maybe later…

~ ~ ~

1st Feb We’re officially into 2023 now…

It’s no longer ‘New Year’ and we can stop feeling guilty about those resolutions we never got around to making.

Actually, I think I will make a resolution now – well, more a general guideline really. I plan to spend less time on my laptop.

Hopefully, this won’t mean less creative writing, but less time aimlessly wandering the internet. As an experiment in shortening the distance between concept and realisation, I’m planning to revert to pen and paper for blocking out my first drafts. When I log in I should be more focussed on what I’m there for.

Ask me how it’s going in a couple of months. (I’ll have probably forgotten all about the resolution.)


skit on the evolution of man image from ape to homo erectus


What do you think of writing prompts – for blog posts or for competitions?

Do you find them helpful, or prefer to choose your own theme?


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14 thoughts on “Bloganuary’s tail-end

  1. We see some spectacular sunsets from our house. I tried taking a summer of photos, so I could follow the movement of the sun from one side of our view to the other, but then I never did anything with them.

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      1. You know, as much as I love the incredible convenience of digital photography, I miss the tactile sensation of holding an actual photograph in my hands.
        Not enough to make me give up my smartphone, though!
        It is frustrating to miss a great shot once in awhile, especially when I’m wanting to take a photo of my cat. It’s like she has a second sense and seems to know when I’m getting ready to take a photo of her. She’ll move at the last minute. Darn!!!

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          1. This reminds me of a funny story regarding two cats I had. They were sisters and got along great. One was white with black spots. She looked just like her mother. The other was a beautiful tortie. The tips of all her hairs looked like they were dipped in silver.
            I remember one day in particular I was taking photos of the my my black spotted beauty. After awhile I said to her, “Okay, now it’s your sisters turn.
            As soon as I aimed the camera toward her, my black spotted beauty deliberately got right in front of her silver-tipped sister and looked straight at the camera as if she were posing for it. She knew what she was doing!
            I looked at her and said, “You’ve already had your turn. Now it’s your sisters.”
            She seemed to understand and reluctantly walked off the bed! It was so cute. Animals understand a whole lot more than we give them credit for.

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    1. I relate to that forgetting. I also get inspiration while in the bathroom in the morning, but can never hook it out of my memory when I get downstairs. Rather like those words I know exist but can’t dredge up when I want them.

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      1. That word freeze drives me crazy. It is worse when neither of us can come up with it. Then hours later one or the other of us will blurt it out with no connection to the present conversation.

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          1. 🤣I’ve always been bad with names. I once called my (first) husband Tigger (the name of our eldest dog). And I was only in my thirties then!
            (I don’t think it contributed to the breakdown of our marriage. That was twenty years or so later.)

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  2. Indeed they do… The other thing I’m finding more necessary these days is those gizmos that open jars. Once Upon a Time I used to pride myself in having a grip that would open any jar. (Yes, it does seem like a fairytale ago.)


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