10 thoughts on “101 Word Flash Fiction

  1. Well done Cathy, you are getting a lot of your stories publushed of late. As to what I am celebrating today I have fi wished the fronts of my strawbear badges…now I’ve just got to back them all!

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    1. I heard from them again yesterday. In October I’d sent in a shortie I wrote called Fireworks Night that hadn’t had an acceptance till now. They were going to post it, but I checked my spreadshet. I’d forgotten that I’d posted it on Friday Flash Fiction, which publishes everything (https://www.fridayflashfiction.com/100-word-stories/firework-night-by-cathy-cade ) so I had to alert 101 words that it had already been published online. 101 words wants unpublished, so it won’t be going up there.

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