End of Life

A poem

Commissioned, instructed, and set on my course,
Programmed to adapt and to learn from mistakes,
To modify pathways encoded at source
When new data is input that changes the stakes.
Commands and procedures, appearance, behaviours
Adapt and survive. Flexibility saves us.

Failure to adapt leads to breakdown and damage,
Repair and reprogramming, out of harm’s way.
Rebuilt and revised until too old to salvage
When obsolete hardware begins to decay.
Energy drains and it fails to recharge.
No longer adaptive, my usefulness passed.

Decommissioned, fragmented, dissolving to dust,
I’ll rise from the embers like Phoenix reborn.
Recycled, refashioned, rewritten, robust,
My systems adapted, updated, re-formed,
Time-honoured design, classic shape, true-to-type,
My programmes renewed and my memories wiped.
pearly gates

12 thoughts on “End of Life

  1. A very lovely and timely poem for me. At first I’m thinking I’m reading about the untimely death of an obsolete technology.
    As I keep reading, I realize I’m reading about how it is when we get older. At least that’s how I interpret it. I like the double meaning that I’m getting from this poem.
    As I said, this is very timely for me right now, because I have been very introspective lately (even more than I usually am!) and these past few days I’ve been more aware of my own mortality.
    I suppose it’s part of getting older.
    Thanks for sharing Cathy!

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  2. That is very true. When I said I realized I was reading about how it is when we get older, I wasn’t saying that in shocked disbelief. I only mentioned it to say how graceful and beautiful the transition was for me.
    That made me enjoy it all the more.

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  3. This is adept, rhythmic, honest and bright.

    It is a comment on our times and also a construct of the thoughts of those that understand the technology that supersedes us regardless of our age, from a generation that mostly can’t keep up with modern technology.

    A wonderful bridge of humanity and youth deacribed to a technological age.

    Give this woman an award, not just for being my mother but also for reaching her dreams in being accomplished and astute writer.


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    1. Gosh! And all I got on the ’12 Poems’ comments was ‘well rhymed’ and ‘good scansion’. (Well… there were a few other comments.)
      Thanks for reading. Some people look on their children as contribution to the future, seeds being a more pleasant image than compost.

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