Cameras and cabs

I follow this cobbie’s blog because… I’m from East London. I forward the Saturday Twitter snippets to hubby – from North London, but he doesn’t do blogs. I don’t often reblog, but this one strikes a loud chord that needs to reverberate further.
And yes, I am of the opinion that cameras are no threat if you’re not doing anything wrong. Britain is not Russia.


It saddens me that in today’s society if we drive into a bus lane a camera records us and we get a fine. Put two wheels in a yellow box and a camera records us and we get a fine. Do a u-turn where we’re not supposed to, recorded and fined. Stay too long in a car park, recorded and fined. Drop passengers off in the wrong place, recorded and fined. Yet a youngster gets stabbed to death in a park and there is an appeal for eyewitnesses and dashcam video because there is no money to be made in monitoring the places where our children socialise. I know it is not financially viable to have cameras everywhere, but it is possible, and that is the sad part.

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5 thoughts on “Cameras and cabs

    1. I suspect the government (and the police) have better things to do. I believe most of the UK’s CCTV is privately installed by businesses and residents, although police have access to them if needed.

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