I’ve Arrived!

I've Arrived

I had an email last week, informing me that one of my stories has been accepted for publication in a UK magazine called People’s Friend.

I’ve sent in stories before to People’s Friend without success. Sometimes rejections came with an encouraging word of advice and, although I’m not a regular reader of magazines, I subscribed to better understand what its editors were looking for..

Rejections always arrived reasonably quickly (except for the one I sent by post just before lockdown, which languished in their office while everyone worked from home) so I tried to see the lack of response to this one as positive. But to be honest I had given up hope, suspecting it had been overlooked in the plethora of submissions this magazine gets from hopeful writers.

Because, since I began writing, most of the UK women’s magazines with regular story slots have stopped accepting submissions from writers they hadn’t published in the past. Since only The People’s Friend was still publishing us newbies, competition has become even fiercer.

So I was thrilled to get the unexpected email saying my story had been accepted. I await the contract in the post, and as soon as I know which edition it will be in I’ll be letting you know.


never stop dreaming


In a world dominated by bad news. . .

What good news have you had lately?

23 thoughts on “I’ve Arrived!

    1. the Friend has first publishing rights and the right to republish in any of their media, but the copyright stays with me after it’s published – unlike most of the magazines out there that take all rights. Not sure if there’s a time limit on that though; there was nothing in the contract. Other publishers have asked for six months, but I’ll enquire.


  1. I cannot wait to see and read it in the magazine. I love the fact that so many of our writing group are now published authors, it gives me hope for the future. Well done Cathy.

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  2. That is exciting indeed. How wonderful to get to rejoice over the publication of a friend I only know through the blog world. Good news here is that it is above freezing! At least today.

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  3. Many congratulations. How strange, though, that many magazines will only accept stories from those they have published stories from before. That doesn’t make sense to me. It reminds me of the times I used to try and buy records outside of the top 20 and be told, ‘We only sell records that are in the top 20!

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    1. I think some have changed this now because they now take all rights and writers lose copyright to their story. Established writers no longer send them stories. My sister-in-law has noticed that certain women’s magazines she regularly reads have no longer have stories from her favourite. I was able to tell her why.


      1. I’m glad they are changing as it gives other writers a chance to get published. And if a writer does not mind losing copyright to their story, then I guess it’s entirely up to them, although I would have to have a good think about it first.

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