Off Air

Our fibre optic cables were taken down at the weekend by a cherry-picker with its cradle raised.

Those hanging cables are ours

So I’m typing this (with too-long fingernails) on a 16 x 7cm phone screen, although my usual preferred keyboard is a full-size plug-in with number pad. I hope to post it via a flaky mobile network.

I’m beginning to come to terms with predictive text, but apologise in advance if any slips through, as I’ve been unable to share files with my laptop via Bluetooth (in spite of my phone telling me I can and both devices telling me they can see each other).

I will try to use this distraction-free time productively by story-writing (although, since I won’t be doing it on the mobile, I’ll be unable to send anything out until we’re reconnected).

As it happens, I’d already scheduled a series of reposts on commas over the next few weeks, which probably won’t interest most of my readers (but I hope the writing group are reading. We’re planning a new anthology this year).

In the meantime, I apologise for the lack of comments on blogs I’ll be following by mobile. We may be reconnected some time next week.

If we’re lucky…

(The mills of OpenReach grind slowly, their wonders to perform.)


Postscript: I’ve found an old bluetooth keyboard for the mobile that I bought way back and forgot about. I find bluetooth flaky at the best of times, but when I can get it working, it’s a lifesaver for emails and comments.

We’ve been given an update on when we can expect our cables to be restored… work begins on 29th March – at the earliest!


10 thoughts on “Off Air

  1. Fully understand the picture at the end of your piece, there’s nothing more frustrating when you have come to rely on this form of communication. Fingers crossed you are all sorted soon.

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