#Bloganuary: The Last Post

The tail end of #Bloganuary from a writer who can’t be bothered to blog daily.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

29th Jan: How are you changing the world?

Who? Me?

I’ll pass at this one. . .

Although I have been thanked (in retirement) by a couple of people I used to line manage for training them up. Maybe they’ll change the world.


It’s not a responsibility I’ll pass on to my kids to take up. Sometimes just surviving takes all our energies.


30th Jan: Describe yourself as a tree.

A stout oak. Or maybe a hawthorn: gnarled and spiky.


31st Jan: How do you feel when you look at the stars?


(Well, it is midwinter, here in the UK.)


You may have noticed…

I’ve lost interest in these. Perhaps it’s because I’ve had a busy weekend, but even here, now, on a Monday, I’m not inspired to invent anything more to add to my previous answers.

And – is it just me – or are the prompts getting tired as well? As if the setter has had enough of January too and is falling back on cliched comparisons.

Last week, though, I noticed my responses to prompts had grown more voluble as the weeks progressed, so it seems the #Bloganuary challenge has had something of the desired effect.

Time to write another story. . .


blank pages flying to book


January always seems the longest month.

(When gainfully employed, I used to think that was because we were paid so early in December.)

And now we’re into the shortest. Which is your longest (or slowest) month?

10 thoughts on “#Bloganuary: The Last Post

  1. I love the way you write exactly what you think Cathy, no unnecessary flourishes, and confusing clutter! I started the bloganuary questions, did about three, and screamed “uncle” loud and clear. My comfort is in weekly posts, and in-between I’m forced to live my regular life. The one with laundry, dirty dishes, food preparation, grandbabies, decluttering, reading, and sleep requirements. My longest month is always the one I’m in and the shortest grabs it up at the end. Hugs, C

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    1. I know what you mean. I’ve had an unscheduled family weekend, which could be why I’ve been short of introspection and blogging time. Life’s still out there, after all, away from the screen. Thanks for adding your thoughts.

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  2. I found the bloganuary posts were … actually i don’t know how to describe them. Not great, certainly. I liked the one word prompts, they give you more flexibility to run in your own direction, but these questions were… strange.

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