When you’ve nothing to say…

girl thinking

I am in awe of bloggers who find things to blog about daily. I struggle to find material to write about weekly, and I fear my thinking cap went for recycling along with the Christmas wrapping.

My usual advice-to-self when I’ve nothing worth saying is to not say anything at all.

However, with Christmas cake consumed and the pud a past memory; ham frozen in sandwich slices and turkey curried; the naked tree awaiting collection, and lights back in storage, maybe my muse will emerge from wherever it’s been hiding.

It hasn’t happened yet.

So all I can say to justify putting fingers to keyboard is to wish everyone a safe and hopeful 2022.



How many New Year Resolutions have you broken already?

18 thoughts on “When you’ve nothing to say…

  1. People who find something relevant to say every day mystify me. I could post a photo a day if I wanted to (because I have a big back catalog of photos), but actual words that someone might want to read? Nope.

    Happy New Year to you, too!

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    1. Afraid I’ve never got into taking photos. By the time I’ve found my phone and opened the camera, the moment has passed.
      It isn’t ingrained in me like my kids, who take pics at every opportunity. I’m from the days when I’d take my holiday film to be processed and pick up a folder of snapshots of my thumb.

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      1. LOL @ that last sentence. My thumb also made appearances in my photos. Sometimes it still does. I think it likes the attention 🙂

        I’ve taken pictures since I was about 6 with a secondhand Brownie camera. I’m not very skilled, but I enjoy it anyway.

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  2. I find writing prompts of great help when my creative cogs have stopped turning. Of course, don’t force yourself to blog, but WordPress is running Bloganuary this month, where they’re publishing a prompt every day to help people write new blog posts.
    Let me know if you want the link to it, and I’ll leave it in a comment.

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  3. I love this last comment of yours! My inspiration comes and goes. I get crazy post ideas in the shower, but I can’t predict when that will happen. Just keep posting whenever the mood strikes. I enjoy our long distance friendship.

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  4. I love your comment about hubby. My hubby complains that I spend too much time at the computer and not enough time helping him even if it’s just playing online poker. 🙂 I’m doing Bloganuary, too. The prompts are fun and very easy.

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