Windy Christmas

You may have heard, our writing group (The Whittlesey Wordsmiths) has recently published two Christmas collections of memories, short stories and verse. One is called Windy Christmas, the other is Jingle Bells and Tinsel Tales.

Here is a snippet from Windy Christmas.

Windy Christmas

Here comes fresh snow; swirling clumps of it. My kind of weather. Grey clouds over white fen fields are heavy with promise. Refreshing. The front garden needs another layer after those kids have been trampling and scraping at it. The thicker, the better.

As the snow falls faster, wild winds sweep in to drive it almost horizontally across untrodden fields. The snowscape glows white in the gathering darkness.

Christmas lights dance in the bare boughs of a nearby tree. A section of the glowing garland drops, spoiling its symmetry. The ends of my scarf wave in the wind. Snowflakes settle on my hat and are gone.

Snowfall falters as fierce winds drive the clouds.  

A Santa decoration crashes from a neighbour’s roof to hang by its cable. Newcomers.

Anyone familiar with the wild fen winds would have anchored it lower.

The squall strengthens, lifting the top layer of snow from the fields as if it were dust. Wind tugs at my scarf and batters my body. There goes my hat, like a low-flying bird.

My head is taking a pounding. My carrot-nose, loosened, rolls to the ground. Sparkles of my snow take flight before the remorseless gales.

I was reconciled  to    melting,

but    not     to

………………………………………………………… bl  ow  in  g     

a w a a  a   a    a–

It’s nearly December!

What are you looking forward to most?


12 thoughts on “Windy Christmas

    1. In the last epic storm we lost half a eucalyptus tree, so I’m kinda relieved this one is over with little incident – other than a leak in the motorhome roof which we’ve spent today sealing.


  1. I think I must be quite a shallow person, after being ‘good’ for quite a while in preparation for Christmas I am most looking forward to…chocolate covered Brazil nuts!

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    1. Nuts are good for you! And dark chocolate is good for you too in moderation (even diabetics like my other half). We have a couple of squares of medicinal chocolate every evening.


    1. Glad you liked it. Our front garden was the location I had in mind. It gets very windy around our parts and I’m still wondering if it’s a good idea to put Christmas lights in the firtree-shaped holly tree in our front garden…

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