Since I have no idea what to write about this week, here’s another poem from the 12 poems in 12 months challenge at deadlinesforwriters.com

forest path

The prompt for this one was found.


I thought I knew the way.
I’ve not renewed my SatNav sub – it ran out back in May.
The road was closed. There’s been a fatal accident today.

I follow the diversion, but my mood is overcast.
The detour takes me through a forest. Light is fading fast.
Up ahead, the way divides and no sign have I passed.

I choose the road that seems the most well-travelled path to me.
My lights cast shadows, leaping out to dance between the trees.
The road before me narrows but still trails on endlessly.

Branches meet above me – holding hands. Ahead lights glare.
I dip mine, but they blaze ahead as if my car weren’t there.
I slow down, blinded till they pass, and roaring fills the air…

Then fades.
The silence closes in. Like darkness, it surrounds.
I peer beyond my fogged windscreen, seeking familiar ground.
The road has widened. Branches part above. The moon peeps down.

Expecting bats to fly across it… that’s when I recall
My headlights are still muted.
Full-beam lifts me from my crawl,
And lights a sign.
At last! I’ve found it: Transylvania Hall.
Door knocker
Photo by Nick Bondarev on Pexels.com

OK, it’s a bit late for Halloween, but it wasn’t originally penned for Halloween.

And I’m sure you had enough spooky tales to read back then.

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