My story in SevenDays magazine

I’m pleased to report that my story The Network” is published this week in SevenDays magazine in the UK.

Seven Days is a new weekly UK magazine offering a plethora of puzzles; craft, cooking and lifestyle articles; celebrity interviews; and short fiction. My story, “The Network” is in issue 3.


20 thoughts on “My story in SevenDays magazine

  1. Well done, Cathy. I’ve never heard of the magazine but as you say it is in issue no 3 that’s perhaps no surprise. I’ve lost my newsagent’s habit of scanning the shelves for new publications – when I go shopping now it’s head down and get it done!

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      1. I think we all go through ‘losing the muse’ stages. It’s something like having a blog post reblogged by somebody who’s never shared one of your posts before or getting a story published in a magazine that gives us the push we need to find that writing muse again.

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  2. Congratulations Cathy, see, we weren’t just being kind when we said you were good. Perhaps now you will believe in yourself a little more. I now know so many famous authors.

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