London Trivia: Windmill closes

One of my daughters was recently discussing the origins of nursery rhymes and there are two in this blog episode…
But quite apart from those, I commend to you this weekly cornucopia of metropolitan trivia from a London cabbie which never fails to fascinate my North London hubby (you can take the ‘boy’ out of London but you can’t take the Londoner out of the ‘boy’.)


On 31 October 1964, the Windmill Theatre closed for conversion to a cinema. Its slogan ‘We never close’ referred to the fact that it continued its Revuedeville shows throughout the war.

On 31 October 1971 at 4.30am a bomb exploded at viewing gallery of BT Tower 2 weeks previously a white kitten had felled it on The Goodies

In the 17th and 18th centuries London thief-takers were rewarded £40+ the horse, arms and money of any highwayman they captured and were convicted

Meard Street is not named after the French word merde. It was the unfortunate name of its 1720s developer John Meard

In his will Dickens stipulated that no monuments be erected to his memory, that’s why London has no statues of one of its greatest writers

London Bridge is Falling Down referred to Norwegian King Olaf who suggested destroying the wooden bridge while occupied by Danes

The nursery…

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9 thoughts on “London Trivia: Windmill closes

  1. Yes, it is very local. And posted every week (and, apparently, on Twitter, but I can’t get my head around Twitter. Everything is so ephemeral on there. If you blink, you miss it!


  2. Thanks Cathy for the reblog. My Twitter feed @cabbieblog only has daily trivia uploaded. Curiously tomorrow’s has a literary theme:
    Dr Johnson’s Memorial House in Gough Square contains a brick from the Great Wall of China donated to the museum in 1822 #LDNTrivia


    1. I still have a bolt-hole in the Eastern suburbs. Most of my kids live in or near London (the other one’s in New Zealand). My eldest son didn’t even want to leave for university (although he didn’t live at home while there so that wasn’t his reason).


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