Erasing word ‘mother’ is morally wrong

I don’t usually get involved in political arguments, but this is such a stupid and pointless decision for any government to take – and not within their remit.


Midwife and mother @turtillachip says the Scottish Government’s rush for inclusion belittles one of humanity’s important roles

I write this while sitting in utter dismay and deep in thought at the newest step from our Scottish Government.

They have decided to erase the word mother to make it more inclusive for parents who do not wish to be called mother.

To call mothers people.

I can honestly say that, throughout this campaign on the erasure of women, this has to be one of the saddest, most utterly depressing decisions that Nicola Sturgeon and her government have come up with so far.

Every single person on earth was born of a mother

We all have a mother, every single person on this earth. Some may not know their mother, some may not be close to their mothers, but everyone, without exception, came from the body of a mother.

In my 22…

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8 thoughts on “Erasing word ‘mother’ is morally wrong

  1. When my children were at junior school one of them said, “This person came into the school.” I said, “Was it a male or female?”
    We are men, women and rarely for a small number, Hermaphrodite.
    Political correctness has its place but it should know its place, so should Nicola Sturgeon.

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  2. I couldn’t believe when the head of the CDC here spoke of pregnant people. I had to ask my daughter what in the world was going on and she had to tell me how totally crazy things have become here.

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  3. Not that I’d be against medical innovations that resulted in men carrying and giving birth – now that would be worth celebrating and they could call themselves what they liked. I recall hauling myself around like a baby elephant for weeks, none of my four arrived in a textbook fashion and things were b***** uncomfortable for weeks afterwards. They’re welcome to all that.


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