Just a quickie…

I went shopping today…


Am I the only one picturing some gremlin, logged into Twitter, fingers on keyboard, deciding what shopping panic to instigate next?



This time of year, I’ve often wondered who on earth buys their Christmas turkey in October, when the supermarkets start upping their stock.

But the empty freezers today are where the frozen turkey usually sits. (I know this because the labels are still there.) I somehow doubt the purchasers of said frozen turkeys are all American ex-pats looking forward to Thanksgiving.

My family have invited themselves around to us for Christmas (total of 11, maybe 12 for dinner) but I’m damned if I’ll clear out my freezer in October to accommodate a 20lb turkey for ten weeks.

If I can’t get a turkey, we’ll eat something else.


What do you think will be the next purchasing panic?

19 thoughts on “Just a quickie…

  1. I had discussed this with a friend, saying I refuse to go down any of those panic routes and we’ll eat whatever is available or we already have. We actually stopped eating turkey years ago, and I no longer eat meat. My daughter makes wonderful nut roasts. Maybe I’ll say ‘Nuts to run out?’ lol.
    I managed to get petrol on the way home from my trip as I’d hoped, last Friday. No queue, no limit, but 11p per litre increase! Yesterday saw my usual Morrison’s in Peterborough is 1 p a litre less than I last paid I think. Thankfully I hadn’t had any of the stress the week before.

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  2. I just cleaned out our freezer and discovered a turkey bought last year too late to defrost and cook. I have the turkey for this year already. Nice surprise. I predict shortage of candy. I am certainly overeating my share lately.

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        1. But it hardly ever needed it. My son once took down the icecream to put back in it – he wasn’t very old. Next day, I found he hadn’t closed the lid, but the freezer had hardly iced up at all It was an enormous old thing though, and the cellar was cool, even in summer.

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