Still Time to Join in…

September’s Storychat

No Stone Unturned

Another lively month on StoryChat with insights from readers of Val Chapman’s story.

If you haven’t yet read Val’s story, find it here

Some readers guessed the ending: some didn’t.

lily commented, “You tell stories very well. I honestly didn’t expect that ending.”

But Hugh W. Roberts  “thought everything seemed to be too perfect and this prompted me into thinking something nasty was coming … this didn’t affect my enjoyment of your story and the way you wrote it. You drew me in from the first sentence to the last word.

Janet Gogerty also guessed the ending, and although Janis @ said, “Great story and nice twist at the end.” she added, “The ending wasn’t a complete surprise.”

lesleywallace54 said the story “Made me chuckle which is always good.”

Marsha loved the tale and its title. “I did not see the ending coming until the end, which is an art I have never mastered. So this story has started my brain humming, which I love about Story Chats.”

Gary A Wilson said “I tend to not try and guess much about how the story is going to unfold as I prefer to let the writer simply unfold it as he/she prefers.
That said, I did somehow manage to guess in general what was coming but mostly because I expect some twist in each Story Chat offering. “

Valerie agreed, “I know what you mean about guessing the end. I often do the same. Must be our naturally suspicious minds.

Without giving away any spoilers, I can confirm that, as always, the discussion is prompting reminiscences from some Storychatters and suggestions for improvement from others, while aspects of the tale are inspiring other story ideas.

Patsy Collins enjoyed the tale and could identify with Barbara in some ways – but not others. Gary thought Val’s final lines “were perfect and delivered like a pro! Bravo Val.”

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Click this link to read the story for yourself.

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