Still Time to Join August’s Story Chat

The conversation so far…

We are halfway through August’s Story Chat. Wendy Fletcher’s story of a small girl being taken to buy her first party dress has prompted emotions and memories among readers.

Anyone with experience of dressing and undressing small children in public facilities, for whatever reason, knows how exhausting this can be when given only the slightest hitch. But Wendy’s narrator is dealing with additional stress that rouses the sympathy of every reader.

Discussion has ranged from the customer-friendliness of retail facilities towards single parents and society’s expectations of parents in general, to the sheer ornery-ness of children around the “terrible twos” and “theatrical threes” (yes, I just made that up).

…Which reminds me of times when I’ve been asked what my favourite age is for children. My standard reply was the age when they could take me out for a meal.

I now know that such an age does not exist (college/university fees, mortgages, DIY projects, grandchildren…).

happy child in princess dress

Comments on Wendy’s tale have also touched on that parental conflict between relief that our children are making their way and new friends out in the world and regret that we can’t keep them always close to protect them.

Many personal experiences are being shared. As Wendy herself pointed out… “I think there is a little bit of us in everything we write.”

Hugh said: “The clues were there, but I still missed them. For me, that’s excellent writing.” And Patsy Collins agreed that this is an “excellent piece.”

All from one short story to set you thinking.

Storychatters so far include…

(Click on link for contributor’s’ blog or website).

Read their thoughts for yourself at and join the conversation.

story chat header

Story Chat is Marsha Ingrao’s initiative to bring unknown writers to a wider audience. Read her analysis of the first ten months of Story Chat HERE .

How about You ?

If you have a story you’d like to submit, please contact Marsha.

Marsha reviews and accepts or rejects stories based on their content, appeal to a general audience, and high level of plot and character development.

Don’t forget to add your thoughts to August’s discussion of Wendy’s story.

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