How Do I Miss Thee?

One recent challenge for 12 poems in 12 months (at was to write a sonnet. I chose the Shakespearean sonnet form.

How do I miss you? Let me count the ways
now we’re apart. I woke up late this morn,
No pillowed head beside me this fine day,
To snore throughout the night till after dawn.

And, at the breakfast table all alone,
no slurping from your teacup, no loud munch
of toast or cereal while you check your phone.
Likewise, a leisurely and peaceful lunch.

I have the television to myself.
No football now I have remote control.
And all the tools you spread along the shelf
are in the toolbox now. I’ve fixed that hole.

I’m bearing up, dear, while I’m here alone,
my jangled heartstrings settling. Don’t come home.

Do you meet regular challenges to keep you on your toes?

Or do you prefer to take up new challenges to keep you fresh?

10 thoughts on “How Do I Miss Thee?

  1. This poem made me smile through and through, Cathy. Again your great sense of humor. The poem reminds me of something… Hmmm Oh yes, my sweetie pie is away for the night fixing up our rental. I do miss those things you mentioned, but then I also feel his presence while he’s gone and it’s almost a surprise that he’s not in watching poker tv while I’m in the office blogging. Suddenly I miss him. This post will be linked to this month’s Story Chat as well. It’s a delight.

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