One of this year’s ‘12 poems in 12 months’ challenges was to pen an acrostic. It wasn’t my finest hour, but since I recently posted about my aversion to housework I thought I’d share my acrostic here.

Spring Cleaning

Somebody’s coming. My 
Parents, for Easter. I’m
Running around with a vacuum cleaner.
I don’t enjoy housework, and
Not till the dust can no more be ignored will I
Grudgingly act.

Cleaning won’t otherwise start unless
Life throws up further unwelcome tasks
Equally grim.
Avoidance activities may include dusting.
Not choice, but the lesser of evils plus guilt!
I like the result though,
Now all looks fresh. Trouble is, in a short while it is
Going to want cleaning all over again.

Possibly not something to celebrate in verse?

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