Sharing 101 words

I sometimes pass on links to a website called 101 words – not often, because it can be difficult to create an impression with a mere 101 words. I rarely come across submissions I can relate to, or consider a story.

I am sure many of us maturer folk will relate to this one though. It is by Nat H, and it’s called It’s Just a Mirror .

Find it at

mirror scream

Do you read flash fiction? short stories?

Or do you prefer to get lost in a novel or memoir?

3 thoughts on “Sharing 101 words

  1. wow. that is a good one. at first, i had visions of being trapped in a haunted house…bloody mary came to mind. then, i was thinking about body image issues and the trials of being a woman these days. sometimes 101 words can have a lot of heft, eh? as for me, i’ll read anything that is interesting and suits my mood – i’m kinda non committal that way. 😉 great post.

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