I realised today while I was chopping carrots very finely that my teeth were gritted together.

When facing vaccination or needles for blood tests or donation I automatically squeeze my fist – around my belt if there’s no squeezy ball or block of wood on offer.

And eating sugared doughnuts today, I remembered someone at work once betting any takers that they couldn’t eat a sugared doughnut without licking their lips. My colleague donated a fair amount of money to charity from that challenge.

Back when I was learning how to give someone a facial and apply their make-up, for sales parties, our manager mentioned in passing that it was almost impossible to put on your own mascara without opening your mouth . (Most men won’t be able to empathise with this, but we found it applied to all of us in the class.)

What involuntary actions or faces do you find yourself pulling in certain situations?

16 thoughts on “Involuntary

      1. Yeah, I get that. I can’t get close to the smells. The one that gets me every time is kettle popped corn. Yum! If Vince wants to go to a doughnut shop, I rarely resist a glazed doughnut. My brother used to work at a bakery and brought home end of the day glazed doughnuts that were about 8 inches in diameter. In those days we could both eat a whole one and stay slim. 🙂

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    1. weird, isn’t it – even when you know you’re doing it, you still do it. And I’d forgotten about that ‘tongue between teeth’ thing till today. I do it when I’m trying to thread a needle but I’m sure there are aother times too… Thanks for shaaring your thoughts. 🙂

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