Under My Feet

small brown dog

(To the tune of Under My Thumb by the Rolling Stones, 1966)

Under my feet,
this little dog gets in the way.
Under my feet.
Why won’t she get lost when I say?
She’s hounding me, 
while waiting for a crumb to slip,
Hounding me,
brown eyes entreat.
She’s under my feet.

Under my feet.
She needs a companion to play,
furry and sweet,
to keep the titch out of my way,
not hounding me,
watching for a pan to drip.
Hounding me,
I can’t compete.
She’s under my feet.
Under my feet,
two little dogs won’t go away.
Under my feet.
What made me think this was the way?
Surrounding me,
and if I move, my foot will trip,
grounding me.
Concede defeat.
They’re under my feet.

Remember that tune?

Do pets constitute a health and safety hazard in your home?

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