WP Classic Editor Discovery!!!

Another workaround for the Classic editor on WP, in case beetleypete’s doesn’t work for you. It seems that people get updates at different times and even then don’t seem to have the sme interface… so if you’re struggling with the Block Editor, I hope one of these works for you , till you have time to get to know it better (by which time it will probably have ‘updated’ again)

Okay, folks i was digging around today. If the ability to signin with WP-Admin has been stripped away thereby losing the classic editor, you will want to check this out.

When logged into WordPress, click on your photo at the top right of the screen. You will then be asked to provide a verification code which WordPress will send to you.

Type in the verification code to get to your WordPress profile.

Now click on Account Settings.

Now click the button that says Dashboard appearance, turning it from gray to blue (in my case).

Now click the box that says ‘Save Interface Settings’.

For me, this has given me access to the WP-Admin dashboard again and the ability to choose the classic editor for new posts.

NOTE: You may need to add /wp-admin to your URL. For me that would be:


Fingers crossed it works for you, too. 🤞🏼…

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