ToolRocket: a Free PDF Converter

I’m currently paying out to Adobe for a lot of things I don’t want or use so that I can convert a PDF to an image (most of the other stuff I need is now available elsewhere). I shall certainly be looking into this before my Adobe subscription runs out. Thanks (again) to Nicholas for the tip.

Nicholas C. Rossis

I can’t remember how many times I’ve had to look for an online free converter to turn a PDF file into a word.doc. Or an image file into a PDF file. Or any other combination of converting one type of file to another.

The thing is, finding a “free online converter” is not as easy as it sounds. Some are not free, despite their claim. Some don’t have a good conversion quality. Some save your file on the cloud, somewhere somehow, and you need to download it from there—which is hardly ideal if your documents are confidential in any way. And with others, you must download any number of miscellaneous apps before you find the right “download” button to get your converted file, on a screen full of “download” buttons.

That’s why I really appreciated ToolRocket, a free file format converter I discovered a few days ago:

  • It allows you…

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8 thoughts on “ToolRocket: a Free PDF Converter

    1. it’s been picked up as Riskware by my Malwarebytes and I haven’t cleared it as sage. Having looked into it further, I think the problem is with the program sending out requests for updates, which I’ll suspend until later (since the program seems to works fine so far without it).

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