This Worked For Me

I’ve come to terms with the block editor, but since I know many hate it like poison, I’m reblogging this little workaaround from beetleypete


I finally managed to get one of the many tips to work. One issue was that I have ‘Two-Stage Verification’ on my Account Settings. Once I worked out how to get into that, I used this easy tip, and now have access to the Classic Editor every time.

Remember to ‘Save Settings’ though.

Click to access how-to-return-to-the-wp-admin-navigation-sidebar-3.pdf

If you can’t read that on screen, here’s a link to the original post.

I don’t know how long WP will let that loophole exist, but if you are unhappy with the Block Editor, this will work.

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4 thoughts on “This Worked For Me

  1. The block editor is very frustrating for me. It looks like it has a lot of “bells and whistles” to make super posts, but I don’t really think that it does. It’s much more difficult to use and so people just want to get the basic type of post out there. The most troublesome thing for me is that when I access WordPress on my iPad through the web browser and try to work on a post or page there, it switches over to the WordPress app…and the block editor there is even more challenging to use than the one in the browser. Anyway, thanks for sharing these tips! We are all in this together! (And unfortunately it often feels as if we are all at the mercy of WordPress!)

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