WordPress Rant

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I don’t normally rant about WordPress. I’ve got used to the Block Editor and generally accept that there will be changes as software developers have to justify their employment.

But I am annoyed at finding just now, on preparing a new post, that I can no longer resize images within my WP account.

The ability to reduce the size of a photo (chosen from the available Pexels collection) without leaving WordPress has suddenly disappeared; the only Edit options on offer are to rotate, crop, or flip. I even went to the Help articles to see if I’m missing anything, but it’s as if the option to reduce image size never existed.

I must confess I’ve been lazy about using the built-in Pexels collection, rather than look elsewhere for a more apposite picture. It is was a time saver when I can could reduce the picture’s size without leaving the program.

So it looks as though I’ll be using flickr more often (other media sites are available, but that’s where I most often find useful photos – when I’m not being lazy).

Software updates are something we have to live with, but actually removing a useful facility altogether is surely a step backward? No doubt WP is hoping we’ll run out of space sooner and have to pay out for more storage.

scissors in hand

Rant Over.

Thank you for listening.

23 thoughts on “WordPress Rant

  1. Oh, goodness! I just checked mine I still have the dots to resize on mine, but the first picture I selected didn’t have a way to resize it. Si I hovered over the edge and it gave a movement arrow. Once I used that to resize it a little, the dots for resizing appeared.

    Give that a try, or clear your browser cache and see if it helps. Apparently something they adjusted once again.

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    1. Yes, it isn’t the cropping I mean but reducing the size of the file. I used to be able (last week) to compress the file to less than 600 pixels on the short side from the Media/Edit screen, but all I can do now is crop it – which I suppose will reduce the pixel, but what if I don’t want to crop the picture? Now I’ll have to do it before I upload the picture file to conserve my remainng image file space for as long as possible.
      There’s no such thing as putting up a quick post, is there?

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      1. If I’m following you. when I went to resize one from pexel (or any other source)
        1. I had to insert it as it was.
        2. go into the media manager and click on it
        3. At the bottom of the picture I click the edit button.
        4. then on the right side of the screen, I set the dimensions. It resizes to use less pixels.

        If that is the way you “have” been doing it, then my option may disappear any day on the next update.

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        1. Yes, that’s what’s disappeared on mine. All I get now in Edit is rotate, crop and flip. Things usually update in stages, don’t they? Although I’m only on the first rung of payment so maybe it’s something I’d now have if I paid more?

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          1. I wouldn’t think they would exclude sizing from a payment perspective, maybe they will correct it soon. Right now it is a very unintuitive, restrictive way they have of resizing an image.

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          2. I’m also put off by the option to restore the original on log-posted phoos. This only ever showed up before when I had just shrunk it, and not when I opened them later. This points to the originals lurking somewhere in the background, filling my space alloation. So I think in future I won’t be using the ‘free’ Pexels library but finding my own pics and reducing them before posting.

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        1. Maybe I’d better review my few videos then… Just a thought – is it still on You Tube? I was looking for a video of my stepson rollerskating last week – there were several last time I looked, but I could only find one.

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  2. I can understand your frustration. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for why software developers make the changes they do… I wonder if WordPress asks for any user feedback before implementing such changes…

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    1. I have, but I usually go straight to flickr first. There seems to be a wider choice although not all of them are free. I have on occasion paid for a shutterstock pic, but not if I can help it.

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