Tiny stories

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I’ve mentioned before on this blog the website 101 words that publishes stories of exactly 101-words. That post was to highlight how useful the ideal title can be when words are limited.

This post is in awe at the ability to fit an actual story, – with beginning, middle and end – into 101 words. In my opinion, Angela Teagardner’s story My Wraith (published March 11th 2021) hits the spot.

Click here to read it and see what you think.

Photo by Mac2020 Italy on Pexels.com

Do you like a quick read?

Or do you prefer a saga you can get lost in?

8 thoughts on “Tiny stories

    1. It’s a skill I’m still pursuing. Although, when I’ve edited a 3000 word story down to 2000 words for a competition, it’s also amazing how few of them go back in when expanding it for a submission with a more generous wordcount

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