Cyberspace, Post-Covid

I’ve read posts prophecying that the Covid experience has changed society forever to be more caring and outward-looking.

Call me an old cynic; I have yet to be convinced.

Wishful thinking aside, I can forsee some benefits from our year, or more, living in cyberspace.

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on

Older people, many of whom were previously tech-shy, are now proficient in Skype, Facebook and Zoom.

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Younger generations, having been forced online to learn and interact, will be relieved to get away from the computer.

It will become the tool it was intended to be and not a way of life.

Photo by Roberto Nickson on

As a consequence, I sincerely hope that when we resume some semblance of our lives, those sad ‘anonymous’ people who spew bile and spread hate on social media will have only each other to commune with.

But that is wishful thinking. . .

Photo by Belle Co on

Here’s Hoping…

8 thoughts on “Cyberspace, Post-Covid

  1. I am hoping as well. But I’m also skeptical. I have enjoyed seeing photos of animals roaming the streets freely while people are quarantined indoors. It feels like nature is seeking balance. I hope people will seek balance as well when we all come out of this world where Covid-19 touches just about every part of our lives.

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