Lockdown Christmas

Santa's reindeer sleigh
God rest ye merry, gentlefolk, sleep soundly in your nest.
 No need to rise and bustle round preparing for your guests.
 This Christmas time, unlike the last, at least you’ll get a rest.
 And it’s tidings of comfort and joy.
 Each girl and boy
 Still delights in unwrapping every toy.

 You’ve food to spare. No need to shop till well into New Year.
 And if you’d planned to leave your dwelling empty, never fear.
 No thieves will break into your home and burgle while you’re here.
 And it’s tidings to comfort your soul:
 That toilet roll
 will last years. Cheers, and pass the sausage rolls.

 And if you’re still around next Christmas, you’ll make up for this.
 When vaccine’s magic’s worked, once more we’ll meet and hug and kiss.
 This year will be a tale to tell that grandchildren dismiss.
 Someone once said (a greater poet than I, 
sharp as a knife)  
{change tempo…}
 “Always look on the bright side of life…” *

* Reference may only make sense to Monty Python fans

dog in antlers

Enjoy anyway 🙂

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