Story Chat: Out of Character, A Christmas Story

Featured on Marsha Ingrao’s Story Chat blog, this one was written for our writing group, so this is its first public airing. Please add your comments to Marsha’s conversation, and don’t pull your punches! (I need all the advice I can get 🙂 )

Marsha Ingrao - Always Write

Anything can happen behind the scenes in the malls and stores at Christmas time. But do we ever hear those stories?

Out of Character

by Cathy Cade

Christmas ads had been filmed and it was time for live appearances in department stores, handing out samples of Glint children’s toothpaste as the jolly, padded, fur-clad Eva Beaver. Children seemed to like her. The feeling was not mutual.

They reminded her of school, which had sapped what little confidence she had to begin with. If her parents had not given her such a stupid name, maybe teachers—and later her classmates—would not have sniggered at the contrast it raised with this mousy beige child with a mouthful of teeth. Her classwork was unexceptional. She was the last to be chosen for teams in sports lessons but, thanks to a sympathetic drama teacher, she participated in every school play. On stage, she could be…

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2 thoughts on “Story Chat: Out of Character, A Christmas Story

  1. I love it! Who would expect what did happen behind the scenes at the mall? Thanks for reblogging, Cathy. I hope your readers enjoy this great “Out of Character” Christmas story.

    The purpose of Story Chat is to delve deeper into the author’s meaning with other bloggers. As you do that, the author will contribute her comments so you get a “right there with the author” experience. The final wrap up uses YOUR quotes (with a link to your latest blog post) to summarize and draw conclusions to the story. Join in the fun and get to know some new bloggers. 🙂

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